Every Cloud has a Silver Lining: Impact of Victimization on Participation in Social


Do victims of crime increase or decrease participation in social groups? Despite being an interesting question, the literature on this issue is almost non-existent (Bateson, 2012). Our results, based on the Chilean victimization survey, show that victims of crime are 7% more likely to participate in social groups than non victims. Moreover, participation is higher in companionship than instrumental groups and for victims of property crimes. This is consis-tent with the predictions of the stress-bu er hypothesis (Cohen and Wills, 1985). Finally, sensitivity analysis reveals that the use of victimization surveys is more robust than opinion polls to the presence of unobservables.

Información adicional

  • Presentador: Matteo Pazzona
  • Proveniente: Universidad Católica del Norte
  • Fecha: Miércoles, 27 Mayo 2015
  • Hora: 12:00
  • Lugar: Sala 781, primer piso FAE