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Rational bubbles in the real housing stock market: Empirical evidence from Santiago de Chile

  • Luis Alberiko, Gil-Alanaa, Robinson Dettoni, Rodrigo Costamagna, Mario Valenzuela
  • Research in International Business and Finance Volume 49 (October 2019)

Generalized Link-Based Additive Survival Models with Informative Censoring

  • Robinson Dettoni, Giampiero Marra & Rosalba Radice
  • Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (March 2020)

A constrained regression model for an ordinal response with ordinal predictors

  • Javier Espinosa & Christian Hennig
  • Statistics and Computing volume 29 (December 2018)

The Changing Nature of the Real Exchange Rate: The Role of Central Bank Preferences

  • Caputo, R. and Pedersen, M.
  • Economic Modelling (Forthcoming)

Growing Together: Assessing Equity and Efficiency in a Prenatal Health Program

  • Clarke, D., Cortes, G. and Vergara, D.
  • Journal of Population Economics (Forthcoming)

The Impact of Parental Leave Policy on Child-Rearing and Employment Behavior: The Case of Germany

  • Chirkova, S.
  • IZA Journal of Labor Policy. Vol 9(1) (October 2019)

New anthropometric evidence on living standards in nineteenth-century Chile

  • Llorca-Jaña, M., Clarke, D. Navarrete-Montalvo, J. and Araya, R.
  • Economics and Human Biology (Forthcoming)

Growing in the womb: The effect of seismic activity on fetal growth

  • Álvarez-Aranda, R., Chirkova, S. and Romero, J.G.
  • Economics and Human Biology (Forthcoming)

The Twin Instrument: Fertility and Human Capital Investment

  • Bhalotra, S. and Clarke, D.
  • J. of the European Economic Association (Forthcoming)

Monopsony power in occupational labor markets

  • Méndez, F. and Sepúlveda, F.
  • Journal of Labor Research (Forthcoming)

Succession in large nineteenth-century Chilean family businesses

  • Nazer, R. and Llorca-Jaña, M.
  • Busines History (Forthcoming)

Capital Controls and the Cost of Debt

  • Andreasen, E., Valenzuela, P. and Schindler, M.
  • IMF Economic Review (Forthcoming)

The Demographic Consequences of the End of Chile's Nitrate Boom, c.1907-1940

  • Rivero, R., Navarrete-Montalvo, J., Ordenes, C. and Llorca-Jaña, M.
  • Bulletin of Latin American Research (Forthcoming)

Frontier Capitalism: Agrarian Expansion in Southern Chile, c. 1890-1930

  • Robles-Ortiz, C.
  • Bulletin of Latin American Research (Forthcoming)

The Demand for Season of Birth

  • Quintana-Domeque, C., Clarke, D. and Oreffice, S,
  • Journal of Applied Econometrics (Forthcoming)

Gender differences in giving in the Dictator Game: the role of reluctant altruism

  • Klinowski, D.

Early Life Environment and Adult Height: The Case of Chile

  • Borrescio, F., Bózzoli, G. and Droller, F.
  • Economics and Human Biology (Forthcoming)

The political economy of sovereign defaults

  • Andreasen, E., Sandleris, G., and Van der Ghote, A.
  • Journal of Monetary Economics. In press, accepted manuscript (2018)

Real exchange rate appreciation after the financial crisis of 2008–2009: Misalignment or fundamental correction?

  • Caputo, R.
  • International Finance (2018)

Wicksellian Rules and the Taylor Principle: Some Practical Implications

  • Bauducco, S. and Caputo, R.
  • The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2018)
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