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Pension fund taxation and risk-taking: should we switch from the EET to the TEE regime?

  • Romaniuk K.
  • Annals of Finance DOI: 10.1007/s10436-012-0204-3 (2012)

Expectational coordination in simple economic contexts

  • Guesnerie R., and Jara-Moroni P.
  • Economic Theory, Springer, vol. 47(2), pages 205-246. (2011)

FDI vs. Exports in a General Equilibrium Ricardian Model with Bertrand Competition

  • Noguera J, and Pecchenino R.
  • Economic Records, Volume 87, Issue 278, pages 438–448 (2011)

Barter, Centralized Merchants and the Geographical Spread

  • Noguera J.
  • Papers in Regional Science. Volume 89, Number 1. (2011)

Training and productivity. Evidence for US manufacturing industries

  • Sepúlveda F.
  • Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 62, No 3, pp. 504-528 (2010)

What do we talk about when we talk about corruption?

  • Mendez, F., and Sepúlveda F.
  • Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, vol. 26, No.3, pp. 493-514. (2010)

Dinámica No Lineal en el Mercado Accionario Chileno: Evidencia de Retornos y Volúmenes Transados

  • Aranda R., y Jaramillo P.
  • Revista de Economía Chilena, Vol. 13, No. 3 (2010)

Green taxes and double dividends in a dynamic economy

  • Kawaguchi D., Glomm G., and Sepúlveda F.
  • Journal of Policy Modeling, vol. 30, No 1, (2008)

Corruption, growth and political regimes: Cross country evidence

  • Mendez, F., and Sepúlveda F.
  • European Journal of Political Economy, v.22, n.1, pp.82-98 (2006)
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