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Air Pollution And Sick Leaves: The Child Health Link

  • Sepúlveda, F.
    Vol. 55 Issue: 2 Pp: 109-120
    (Dec. 2014)

The Dynamics and Determinants of Slave Prices in an Urban Setting: Santiago de Chile, c. 1773-1822

  • Cussen, C., Llorca-Jaña, M., and Droller, F.
  • Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History
    DOI: 10.1017/S0212610915000361

Assessing Plan B: The Effect of the Morning After Pill on Children and Women

  • Bentancor, A., and Clarke, D.
  • Economic Journal
    DOI: 10.1111/ecoj.12390

Natural Resources and International Labour Mobility

  • J. Gabriel Romero
  • Applied Economics Letters
    DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2015.1136387

Financial Openness, Domestic Financial Development and Credit Ratings

  • Andreasen, E., and Valenzuela, P.
  • Finance Research Letters

Is Sub-Saharan Africa Catching Up

  • Noguera-Santaella, J.
  • Empirical Economics (2015)

Geopolitics and the oil price

  • Noguera-Santaella, J.
  • Economic Modelling (52) 301-309 (2016)

Activity choices of internally displaced persons and returnees: quantitative survey evidence from post-war northern Uganda

  • Bozzoli, C., Brueck, T., and Muhumuza, T.
  • Bulletin of Economic Research
    DOI: 10.1111/boer.12056

Sovereign Default, Enforcement and the Private Cost of Capital

  • Eugenia Andreasen
  • Int. Review of Economics and Finance
    Vol. 39, Pages 411-417

A dominance solvable global game with strategic substitutes

  • Harrison, Rodrigo & Jara-Moroni, Pedro
  • Journal of Mathematical Economics
    Vol. 57(C), p. 1-11

Huth & Co.’s credit strategies: a global merchant-banker’s risk management, c.1810-1850

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña
  • Estudios de Economía, Vol. 42-2 (2015)

The Chilean economy during the 1810s-1830s and its entry into the world economy

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña and Juan Navarrete-Montalvo
  • Bulletin of Latin American Research
    Vol. 35-2

A comparative study of training in the private and public sectors: Evidence from the UK and the USA

  • Mendez, F., and Sepúlveda, F.
  • Contemporary Economic Policy (2015)

Economic security and democratic capital: Why do some democracies survive and others fail?

  • Jeitschko, T. Linz, S., Noguera, J., and Semykina, A.
  • Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
    Vol. 50, Pg. 13-28

A reappraisal of Mapuche textile production and sheep raising during the nineteenth century

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña
  • Historia
    Volume 47-1, pp. 91-111

The real wages and living conditions of construction workers in Santiago de Chile during the later colonial period, 1788-1808

  • Manuel Llorca-Jana and Juan Navarrete-Montalvo
  • Investigaciones de Historia Económica - Economic History Research
    Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 80-90

British merchants in new markets: the case of Wylie and Hancock in Brazil and the River Plate, c.1808-1820

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña
  • Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
    Volume 44

The impact of ‘early’ nineteenth-century globalization on foreign trade in the Southern Cone: a study of British trade statistics

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña
  • Investigaciones de Historia Económica-Economic History Research
    Volume 10-1

Entrepreneurs shaping globalization in the early nineteenth century: the experience of London merchant-bankers

  • Manuel Llorca-Jaña
  • Business History Review
    Volume 88-2

Optimal government regulations and red tape in an economy with corruption

  • Mendez, F. and Sepúlveda, F.
  • Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics
    Vol. 54, Issue 1, Pp.: 51-77