Revistas Indexadas

Antropometría histórica de Chile: Evolución de la estatura de la población en el largo plazo, siglos XVIII-XX

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Chiloé, una sociedad rural igualitaria. Distribución del ingreso agrícola y de la tierra después de la Independencia

  • Llorca-Jaña, M.; Robles, C. y Navarrete-Montalvo, J.
  • Magallania (2018)

The birth of joint stock companies in Chile, 1849-1875

  • Araya, R and Llorca-Jaña, M.
  • Revista de Historia Industrial (2018)

Migration, Population Composition and Long-run Economic Development: Evidence from Settlements in the Pampas

  • Droller, F.
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Rationalizability and Mixed Strategies in Large Games

  • Jara-Moroni, P.
  • Economics Letters (Forthcoming)

Brain Drain and Income Distribution

  • Galiano, A. and Romero, J.G.
  • Journal of Economics (Forthcoming)

The Cousiño-Goyenechea family, 1810-1940: rise and fall of a Chilean family business

  • Nazer, J.R., Llorca-Jaña, M., and Navarrete-Montalvo, J.
  • Atenea (2017)

Sport event attendance as a function of education: evidence from the UK

  • Friedman, A.; Friedman, J.; Gálvez, T. and Yevenes, C.
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Natural disasters and indicators of social cohesion

  • Calo-Blanco, A.; Kovarik, J.; Mengel, F.; Romero, JG.
  • PLoS ONE 12(6): e0176885. DOI information: 10.1371/journal.pone.0176885 (7 de Junio de 2017)

La agricultura y la elite agraria chilena a través de los catastros agrícolas, c.1830-1855

  • Llorca-Jaña, M., Robles, C. y Araya, R.
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Revolution from below in Panguipulli. Agrarian Reform and Political Conflict under the Popular Unity in Chile

  • Robles, C.
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Learning in Network Games

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THE SEVEN SISTERS VERSUS OPEC: Solving the Mystery of the Petroleum Market Structure

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Children and Their Parents: A Review of Fertility and Causality

  • Damian Clarke
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Inequality in Chile before the first globalization: an approach derived from agricultural market income, 1830s-1850s

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Orphanhood and fertility in young adults: Evidence from South Africa

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Who Attends Sports Events? Evidence from Mexican Micro-data

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Integrated traffic-transit stochastic equilibrium model with park-and-ride facilities

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Financing Public Goods and Attitudes Toward Immigration

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Legalization and human capital accumulation

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